B2R – Born To Ride

  • Born to ride is a group of people fully dedicated to this sport, and at the same time combining  experience with new trends to obtain a high quality products. The skis are made from skiers to skiers, thus we put a huge impact on functionality and endurance of the ski in various terrain conditions. Our skis are handmade, graphics implemented by painters, manufactured using the best materials and finished with the biggest precision. Basing on the feedback from our riders and people we ride with,  we can focus on the most detailed needs of a single skier and introduce innovations to make skiing as convenient as possible. We offer a well balanced range of skis designed for people seeking for original products with high performance.
  • Born to Ride crew is a one big family of athletes, testing our products, artists creating our graphics and a group of people responsible for new ideas. We draw a lot of joy from skiing, that’s why we would like to share it with you.  Became the part of it, go Born to Ride.
  • To obtain the best quality of our skis, we use a high class materials. Core selection and core profile from top wood sort are significant to provide resilience, endurance and longevity. 
  • For our products, we use  top quality bases. Before being pressed, they are laser cut and fixed on by hand.
  • Stiff and hard edges, made of rockwell-treated steel are adjusted to each model separately.